Mopatex Hellas was founded in 2003 as a continuation of multiannual cooperation between Samaras Bros. Co. and the Spanish giant in industrial cleaning, Mopatex SA.

The excellent collaboration between the Greek and Spanish companies, which began with the journey of George Samaras in Ontinyent Valencia in 1993, has as a normal consequence the joining of the forces of the two companies and the foundation of Mopatex Hellas.

The expertise and experience of the Spaniards, who are active in the cleaning industry since the ’40s, fabricating many innovating products, with sales throughout Europe and the whole world, and private owned ultramodern facilities of 15,000 square meters, combined with the hard work, consistency and ingenuity of the Greeks created an explosive combination, reflected in the rapid development of their cooperation.

Starting from the 30 sq.m. Samara Bros. warehouse in 1993, the company is now housed in newly built, privately owned facilities of 1.700 sq.m. in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, following the latest standards, and with a product range which covers all the needs of professionals. It is still continuing bringing every day more innovative products and has built a customer base that exceeds five hundred professionals, wholesalers and distributors throughout Greece.

Those that have not changed with the passage of time is the cooperation between Greeks and Spaniards and the adherence to the four axes which is the key to success for our company: